Sports Injury

Our podiatrists are leading sports medicine professionals, effectively treating lower limb sports injuries from a wide range of sports.

Our podiatrists have a special interest in sports podiatry. Many of our patients visit us to relieve long-term joint pains or ongoing sports related injuries affecting their lower limbs.

Sports injuries are serious injuries, and incorrect care and rehabilitation at the time of the incident can result in chronic pain, discomfort or a resulting injury further down the track. It doesn’t matter if you experience this one month or ten years after occurrence, there is a high frequency of associated pain and injuries directly related to a previous sports injury.

More subtle injuries such as foot pain, persistent ankle sprains, shin splints and knee pain can be related to abnormal foot function.

Craig Hodson-Cornford and his team of experienced podiatrists have a long history of treating sports injuries from a wide range of disciplines. Craig has treated elite athletes with sports injuries from the Northern Territory Institute of Sport as well as athletes from our national hockey teams, AFL and athletics. If you have hurt a lower limb, have back pain or neck pain related to poor posture during sports, come into Instep Podiatry and see how our specialised solutions can decrease your pain and improve your quality of life.

If you suffer from a sports injury and are experiencing any associated pain, our sports medicine professionals can help.

Instep Podiatry Brisbane consults at our convenient Brisbane locations. Providing sports injury solutions to athletes to help them get back to peak condition as fast as possible. Looking for a professional? Contact us today.

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